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I am delighted to announce that Elizabeth Arden Pro has arrived.

These products are:-




These products and treatments are only available to clinicians and are not available in department stores.

Imagine your skin at its very best...

Elizabeth Arden Pro's clinically proven formulations set another level for performance, utilising our most advanced understanding of skin science and ingredient technology innovations. Elizabeth Arden PRO is designed to help you reach an enhanced level of skin rejuvenation while combating the of skin aging. Imagine remarkably fresher, more youthful-looking skin with an advanced level of protection designed to help keep it appearing smoother, more supple and beautiful for years to come.

Elizabeth Arden, one of the most established and well known-known global prestige beauty products company, tapped the innovation expertise of US CosmeceuTechs, LLC and its CEO, Joe Lewis, to collaborate on Elizabeth Arden PRO. Lewis first partnered with Elizabeth Arden, Inc in 2005 to launch Prevage, which has won more than 160 awards globally. Lewis a chemist and Cosmeceutical skincare researcher, is best known for introducing some of the world's most innovative skincare ingredients including Alpha-Hydroxy Acid in 1983, Idebenonein 2004 and Botanical Complex in 2012

Target the kind of skin aging YOU can control.

To further understand how Elizabeth Arden PRO works to help improve the appearance of skin, consider your biological clock. From the day your born it starts ticking towards the day your cells shut down for good. Two forces cause the hands of your clock to march forward: the genes you inherited and the environment that surrounds you. Since there is no way to control genetic ageing, our focus targets the kind of skin aging you can control - enviromental skin ageing

The term "enviromental skin ageing" refers to the damage skin cells sustain over time due to continuous exposure to the harsh environment in which we live. This damage accumulates expressing itself as a premature skin ageing, directly affecting and changing our appearance.

The good news is we can help natural repair mechanisms that are designed to combat oxidative stress perform their best with help from a group of powerful technologies and products formulated based on Skin Health & Beauty Pyramid.

Elizabeth Arden PRO is not based on a single hero skincare ingredient or hero product, although there are many within the brand, but rather the brand is based on clinically substantiated skincare philosophy. The Skin Health & Beauty a pyramid.

For more information a free skin analysis and some sample of Elizabeth Arden Pro contact Tanya Closs Jones 01633 411143